Answernet vs Abby Connect: Who's Really Answering Your Phone?

January 09, 2017

What Answernet considers their biggest asset is actually what raises one of the biggest concerns.

The Personal Touch

With over 28 call center locations and about 5 associates on each shift trained on your account, this takes away from the warm, friendly, comfortable feeling a receptionist should provide.

It’s hard to not sound like you have an answering service, when your callers reach a different person every single time they call.

It’s hard to build and establish connections this way. Your clients will get tired of repeating themselves if they have to call in several times and will question whether they’re apt to help.

Their answering model is a bit more compatible for big businesses but misses the mark for small business owners.

Our boutique style live receptionist services is ideal for small business owners because your dedicated team will become an extension of your family every step of the way.

The True Cost

What also separates Answernet from many receptionist services is the fact that they charge you 50 cents every time they patch a call.

Warm transfer need? No problem, it will just be 50 cents every single time it is done.

At Abby Connect, warm transfers are included in all of our packages in addition to our list of features to better help you grow your business.

Want to test them out? Free Trial? Money-back guarantee?

Not with Answernet. Their terms are month-to-month agreements and if within a month you are not happy you can cancel, but you in a sense just lost money, time and energy.

At Abby Connect, our risk-free 14-day trial is designed to put our money where our mouth is.

In 24 hours or less, we will have your account up and running ready to go above and beyond your needs.

We are confident that we will earn your trust and the love of your clients. As an extension of your company, our purpose is to better serve you and your clients.

Information is accurate to the best of the author's knowledge as of 12/2016


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