A Review of Conversational Receptionists: Cost vs Investment

January 24, 2017

As a business owner, especially if you're in a high competitive market, where you invest your time, energy and money is vital. Where you spend your resources is even more key towards your business.

Clients come to you for a product or service, but they choose your company because of the experience. How you make a client feel is everything! 

When you're choosing to invest into a memorable customer service experience, you're choosing to invest into first-class, top-notch, quality. 

It's okay to try to go easy on your wallet, but it's also important to be mindful of the outcome. 

a cheap Virtual receptionist service sounds appealing, but it can cost you ...


Many clients switch over to Abby Connect because of reoccurring client complaints they've had.

If callers are being rushed off the phones, have to repeat themselves multiple times, or don't feel cared for, you lose the warm, personal and professional touch a receptionist should provide.

Your Abby team is committed to making a connection with each caller to serve them to the best of our abilities. Your team is trained to compliment clients, establish a connection with them and to diffuse situations. Consumer Affairs and our clients back us up as number one in our industry.


When you're paying for a service and not receiving a return on your investment it starts to hurt your wallet.

Between Conversational's unclear pricing, hidden fees, additional charges and unhappy clients, you end up paying more than you originally expected.

At first glance it looks less expensive, but you will later be charged for additional voicemail boxes and toll-free numbers.

Yes, their packages include what every standard receptionist service includes, but that's exactly what you get: standard services. They don't provide the experience, establish trust or make a genuine connection with callers.

Our entire purpose as a company is to serve you, as a business owner, and your client as best as we can while creating a memorable experience on both ends. When you're not paying for quality, your clients will feel the difference between someone who is there to serve them vs. someone who simply answers the phone.


Between the time spent going through Conversational's automated system and the time you spend trying to fix errors made on their end, a "cheaper" receptionist service may also be costing you time.

We know that you're a busy professional, so we make sure to always have your account manager readily available to help solve any questions or concerns you may have. We also make sure that your team is 100% fully trained on your account, so they can sound just as if they're sitting at your front desk.

We'll pick up the load, so you can invest your time into your everyday commitments.


We know you rather invest your energy into serving your clients, creating a great work culture or spending time with friends and family.

With you in mind, we make sure we're problem-solvers, solution-seekers and proactive when it comes to your account. We don't want you to invest your energy towards things we can handle.

With Conversational, you'll spend more energy trying to get pricing information, a hold of your account manager and fixing common mistakes, than you will serving your clients.

As a business owner, especially if you're in a highly competitive market where you invest your time, energy and money is vital. Where you spend your resources is even more key towards your business.


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