Gabbyville Review & Virtual Receptionist Comparison

January 01, 2017

Even if they are not speaking with you directly, clients find comfort in speaking with someone over the phone instead of a voicemail.

Answering Hours: One of the biggest ways to show your clients that you’re there for them is by having someone available beyond business hours. Accessibility is key!

When they hear a friendly voice on the other line, they hear someone who can help them. Someone who cares. Someone who can empathize. Someone who can reach you during the time of an emergency. Reaching a voicemail usually leaves them uneasy because they don’t know if or when someone will be aware of their concern.

Gabbyville provides limited answering hours from 9am to 8pm EST only Monday through Friday. After hours, they either set up a voicemail for you or they ask you to unforward your lines, ask you to contact your provider to set up a voicemail tree or take care of the lines yourself.

At Abby Connect, your clients will always reach a warm and friendly voice at any hour of the day, any day of the week!

Your clients will never feel neglected or unheard instead they will feel that your company is accessible whenever they need you.

If you choose to have your calls go to voicemail after a certain hour, we offer to set up a voicemail tree for you, set up voicemails or provide another solution that works best for you.

Bilingual receptionist:

We’ve noticed an increasing need for bilingual services especially for those in the law, medical or real estate field.

With our client’s interests in mind, we’ve added bilingual receptionists to your team of 5 in case there is a need for a Spanish speaker.

Unfortunately, only English speakers inhabit Gabbyville at this moment.

Setup time: Because our goal is to always be available to help business owners, we keep setup times to a  minimum. In 24 hours or less you are ready to hit the ground running!

Gabbyville’s current system can usually have an account set up within 48 hours.

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