IVR vs. Abby Connect

February 01, 2017

The problem with IVR systems is the amount of effort it requires on a customer's end. 

Clients want fast and they want easy

Callers usually reach out due to a certain issue they have or a matter they would like help with.

Some callers are already calling frustrated. 

The cherry on the cake is usually when they can't reach anyone for help, or if they have to go through endless amounts of options to reach a live person. 

Many times, what they are calling in regards to is not on the automated menu, and they are transferred to an operator who will then transfer them to someone who can try to help. 

This is probably the fastest way to make someone upset. Frankly, callers do not want to speak to a robot. 

They do not want to repeat the matter of their call to three or more people, and they do not want to be sent to the wrong department.

It simply takes too much time and effort on their end. 

If your mission is to create an incredible customer service experience, IVR is definitely not the way to go! 

While it gives you 24/7 answering options, it's an automated answering option. 

Most callers will either get frustrated, hang-up or give-up before they reach someone. 

The Difference: 

The difference between your typical IVR system and Abby Connect is huge. 

IVR' systems simply cannot provide a warm, friendly, bubbly, empathetic tone that a live receptionist can. 

Why have an automated 24/7 answering service when you can have a live answering receptionist available 24/7? 

With an IVR system you're at a high risk to receive inaccurate information or to have callers routed to the incorrect place. 

With Abby Connect, you have a team of solution- seeking receptionists committed to creating an incredible customer service experience. Your team is dedicated to confirming information, screening calls and seamlessly transferring callers over to the appropriate person.

Let's not ignore the fact that the human touch is much more powerful an an automated system.

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