Ruby Receptionists Vs Abby Connect: More Bang For Your Buck

January 04, 2017

In a world where customer relations is everything, having a tailored receptionist service team is a must! Nothing provides a first-class customer service experience like a team of professionals who are committed to building and bridging a unique connection between you and each caller. 

Behind Every Legendary Company Stands An Extraordinary Team

We couldn't do what we do without our team, that's for sure!

We find that the best way to cultivate a memorable and seamless customer service experience is by offering you the necessary options you may need.

Client Expectations:

  • To reach a live voice, regardless of the time
  • To have someone available to answer their questions
  • To feel cared for and appreciated
  • For companies to value their time 
  • No long hold times 
If serving your clients' needs to the best of your abilities is in your company's values, we've got you covered. 

We've Done the Research: 


While both receptionist services offer packages ranging from 100 minutes to 500 minutes. There's a notable difference in price. 

At Abby Connect we offer the perfect balance between top-notch, first-class, exceptional quality service and pricing. We've found the perfect medium, so you do not have to pay more than you should for stellar receptionist services and the ultimate customer service experience. 

We're the leading receptionist service on the market, reported by Consumer Affairs, because we do not believe in overcharging you, and we do not believe in diminishing the quality of our services either. Depending on their three packages, Ruby's prices are higher by $10, $80 and $170. 


  • Voicemails: Whether you're a part of a growing law firm, accounting firm, real estate firm or part of the tech world, we offer unlimited amounts of voicemails to best meet your needs.

    Each person that makes up your team can have their own voicemail regardless of the package you choose. Ruby's highest priced packaged offers you only three. 

  • Live Answering: We are big advocates on giving tender, love and care to each caller. Not all callers are available to give you a ring from 8:30-5pm , so if it better suits your needs, we offer 24/7 answering hours to serve your clients at any time of the day.

    Ruby offers 16 hour coverage Monday- Friday. 

  • Hold Times: One of the biggest reasons business owners switch over to Abby Connect is due to the long hold times and lags callers experience at Ruby.

    We've looked at the stats, and in order to provide a memorable customer service experience, callers seek companies who value their time. For this reason, long hold times are a no! 

* all information is accurate as of 12/2016



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