What Makes a Good Law Firm Receptionist?

September 30, 2016

Every law firm needs a good law firm receptionist. If you don't have one, or you don't have a good one, then the lawyers are stuck taking the calls or backtracking on what the receptionist should have gotten when taking a call or talking to someone at the desk. If you're looking for a good law firm receptionist, here's what you ought to look for in that person:

  1. Excellent Communication Skills - If someone calls your law firm for the first time, this receptionist is the first impression for that potential client. Your law firm receptionist would need to handle phone calls flawlessly and be able to speak loudly and clearly so the receptionist can be heard when answering questions. This person will also have to receive people who come to the office, so good people skills are needed as well.
  2. Knowledge of a Variety of Computer Programs - It's hard to operate your law firm without technology, so it's imperative that your law firm receptionist is adept in a variety of programs. Of course, they would need expertise in the normal programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. But, depending on their duties, they may also need to know how to use accounting software, an appointment scheduling program, and perhaps some marketing or content management programs. Smaller law firms may need a law firm receptionist who has some experience or expertise in several different programs.
  3. Organization and Time Management - Often, law firm receptionists also have to take messages, file papers, handle the mail, and run errands. If this is the case, you need someone who can keep themselves and these tasks organized and get them done in a timely fashion. This involves organizations skills like making a task list, or planning the day so that tasks can be completed.
  4. Legal Experience a Plus - Although a law firm receptionist isn't allowed to give legal advice, someone with some legal experience, either as a paralegal or as a receptionist, can be really helpful when it comes to the common questions that potential clients might have. With legal experience, you know that this person will be answering questions correctly, and accurately determining who would be a good fit as a client for your firm.
  5. Attention to Detail - Law firm receptionists also take care of correspondence, such as letters to attorneys, courts, and/or clients. If this person is writing these letters, or at least double checking them before sending them out, you want this person to have attention to detail and to be able to proofread these letters. Much like greeting guests or talking on the phone, these letters are also a face of the law firm, and typos are like the zits or black eyes of that face.

If you need a good law firm receptionist, but cannot afford one or are having trouble finding the right person, then consider getting a law firm receptionist from Abby Connect! Not only is this option a bit more affordable, but you don't have to worry about finding the right person with the right experiences, and then training this person on your software or on how to take calls. All that is taking care of! Through our service, we can ensure that the person acting as your law firm receptionist will have all of these qualities and can be trusted to handle the calls of your potential customers and to be the first impression of your practice.


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