Why Outsourcing Your Phone Calls is a Good Idea

September 30, 2016

Outsourcing is defined as, "the practice of having certain job functions done outside a company instead of having an in-house department or employee handle them; functions can be outsourced to either a company or an individual." Typically, businesses will outsource marketing, recruiting, accounting, and/or information technology. However, when a company considers outsourcing and functions to outsource, phone answering rarely makes the list. Here is why outsourcing your phone calls is a good idea:

Focus on Client Services

Some services, such as copy-writing, legal work, patient care,  financial services, require intense focus and attention to detail. If you're business is in the line of work that needs the focus and detail to be successful, then phone calls could be much more harmful to your business then you think. Even if the phone call is scheduled, or perhaps a new customers, it is still a distraction from the core business and the things that actually drive revenue for your business. Outsourcing your phone calls means more time to focus on your clients, and on what makes your business what it is.

Also consider that it can take your brain up to 45 minutes to refocus on a task after a major interruption. Phone calls count as a major interruptions, so outsourcing them to someone who can focus on these calls will make a huge difference in productivity and efficiency, such as a live answering service or a virtual receptionist.

Focus on Strengths

With the exception of a live answering phone answering service such as ourselves, there aren't many businesses out there that can claim that phone calls are one of their core strengths. They are part of every business, but not every owner or employee likes to talk on the phone or is necessarily good at it. So, why do something (or have your employees) do something they don't like or aren't good at it? It only wastes valuable time and labor while hurting employee morale and business image. Outsourcing your phone calls can do that, allowing you to do what you do well and to do it better.

The reason that you outsource something is that someone else has more resources and more ability than you to complete a necessary business function. If you don't have the manpower, the ability, and/or resources to handle the phone calls that you are getting (whether it's because of volume, or diversity, or infrastructure), then focus on what you are good at and leave the phone calls to a live answering service.

You Can't Fulfill All You Needs

Perhaps your organization is in a place where it can do some phone answering, but you're not able to handle calls 24/7. Perhaps you need help with certain types of calls, such as customer service or tech support calls. Or, maybe you need additional language support but don't have it. The great thing about outsourcing your phone calls is that you don't have to outsource everything. You can setup an arrangement with a live answering service to handle certain language or specific hours of the day or week. With a live answering service, you can expand without having to invest in additional infrastructure or personnel. By outsourcing your phone calls, you can fulfill all of your business needs without worrying about laying off someone or making too many changes to normal business operations.

If it matters, when you're outsourcing your phone calls, you not outsourcing them out of the country. It's simply a matter of getting the expertise you need without jeopardizing your business or creating additional hurdles to growing your company. If phone calls simply aren't your thing, then they don't have to be with a live answering service.


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