March Is Women In Business Month

March 01, 2017

This month is one dedicated to make positive change in the world. From International Women's Day to World Water Day to Earth Hour, the season of improvement and Spring happens in March.

Aside from being Women's History Month, we here at Abby Connect decided that it's absolutely fitting to dedicate the month to the incredible women around the world who are entrepreneurs, executives, and other movers and shakers. 

Abby Connect ourselves comprises of only two men - one our fearless CEO and the other a trusted advisor - and the rest of us are women. To work in an environment supportive of women in business that allows us to flourish is truly a pleasure.

Of our current management, 80% started at our company as a virtual receptionist. We celebrate women in business and are proud to foster a supportive and productive environment for the employees of our boutique answering service here in Las Vegas. Over half of our team is comprised of working moms, with nearly 63% of those being working single moms. 21% are enrolled in higher education programs. It's important that as young business women, we have the opportunity to provide for our families, expand our knowledge, and grow in our careers; this is something that Abby Connect shows again and again that it offers.

Women in business.png

To all of our amazing, hard-working clients that are women entrepreneurs, female small business owners, and other top performers in their fields, we want to say thank you for choosing to add us to your team as your virtual receptionist. It's truly a delight answering your calls, and we look forward to a continued incredible partnership.



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