Abby Connect Is A Great Way To Test A New Market

September 29, 2016

Abby Connect is a great way to test a new market. Add a marketing expansion line to your account for $35 per month. Abby Connect will establish a business phone number for you in any market across the U.S. & Canada. If you are looking to test the waters in another city, we can add a phone number in that area code to your account. All of your calls will be answered by your live receptionist as if we are sitting in that city you are testing. Your call can be transferred from your receptionist to you on any phone no matter where you are.

Want to test the New York market but you live in San Diego? Add a 212 (New York) area code to your account, sit back at the beach in San Diego and let us answer your calls live, screen calls, announce calls to you on your cell phone and seamlessly connect the call right to your cell phone. Your caller will never know you are thousands of miles away sitting on the beach!


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