Impress Your Clients

September 30, 2016

First Impressions Count. That is our motto, part of our slogan and certainly a core belief here at Abby Connect. How many times have you called the electric company or your cable company and received horrible customer service and thought to yourself, "I only wish I could change to a different electric company!" Well, for most of our companies, in the real world we have hundreds, if not thousands of competitors waiting to take our clients from us. Every interaction with your prospective client should be treated like gold.

Your Abby Connect remote receptionists have this in mind. We are here to impress. When your caller is calling, your phone is to be answered within 2-3 rings every time. Your callers are to be greeted with the most professional, friendly voice possible. We are here to assist your callers. We are not here to answer the phone and process the call as quick as possible with the least effort and care.

Your remote receptionists are trained for this. They practice for this. They want to impress.


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