A Virtual Receptionist Improves Your Conversion Costs

September 30, 2016

A remote receptionist is a great way to lower your advertising cost. It all comes down to 2 principles. #1 Answering every single call live. #2 Math.

Answer Every Single Call Live

When it comes to advertising the goal is to get your phone ringing. If after you spend gobs of money to get the phone to ring, you do not answer it, then you have wasted precious advertising dollars. Most callers will not leave a message. They will push the back button on their internet browser, or flip the page in the yellow book, or look at the next coupon, or turn the TV on and find the next commercial, or do one of a million other activities to easily find another solution to their problem. When a consumer wants to buy, they want to buy now! Not later. When a consumer wants information, they want information now! Not later. Information is cheap and easy to obtain. You should never expect your prospects to invest time in leaving a voice mail for you before you invest time in speaking with them.

This is where your remote receptionist picks up the slack. Every single call, rain or shine, must be answered live with a professional, friendly, knowledgeable voice. Your Abby Connect receptionist establishes a relationship with the caller and begins your investment into them. The prospect is now ready to invest in you. Even if you are not able to take the call live, the caller is more likely to leave a message and await your call back before shopping the competition just because they have spoken to "your receptionist" and they have invested time in that conversation.

The Bottom Line

Without a remote receptionist:

$1,000 Spent
100 calls
You answer 75% of calls
Your closing ratio is 20%

100 calls x 75% x 20% = 15 sales. $1,000 / 15 sales = $66.67 per sale

With a remote receptionist:

$1,000 Spent
100 calls
We answer 100% of calls
Your closing ratio is 20%

100 calls x 100% x 20% = 20 sales. $1,000 / 20 sales = $50.00 per sale

In this example your cost per sale has dropped a whopping 25% and this is assuming that you answer 75% of your calls. Most of us actually answer less than 75% of our phone calls live.


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