Laughing Remedy: Benefits Of Enjoying the Work Day

September 30, 2016

By: Marlene Cosain

The fine line between professionalism and being friendly usually gives employees a difficult time. In many circumstances, an employee may feel uncomfortable making jokes or being talkative because they respect the professional environment they are in, but what it really boils down to is company culture. It is our responsibility to create an environment in which they feel welcome to display their personality. Some companies (many of the more traditional businesses) create an environment where being professional comes above anything which is okay, but having a welcoming environment should come before everything, and the rest will follow. You do not want your employees to look at you as a tyrant. This makes coming to work dreadful and leaves everyone anticipating to get out. This type of work environment makes the day seem longer or like it is dragging. More often than not, employees don’t feel the desire to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. They just come to work and leave day-in and day-out. People choose to tone it down at work, but what if they knew that it was okay to share their tasteful humor with others.

A great work ethic and sense of humor is something that is trending in many modern and innovative businesses. Advocating for humor in the workplace can have an enormous impact on your company culture. Every office or occupation could use a little more fun and make work seem a little less like work. It seems as if more modern or innovative companies establish this from the very beginning, and they are reaping the benefits. Sick days are lower. Burnout by the staff is decreasing dramatically. Their creative juices start flowing. People love to be in a positive environment. A team member’s mood can drastically hurt you or help you. For this reason, encourage laughter, jokes, and professional humor. It benefits everyone!


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