Should You Be Your Own Receptionist? [Flowchart]

December 01, 2016

Are you taking on the role of business owner, manager and/or receptionist? 

As business owners, often times, we try to juggle too many things on our plate. We want our business to grow, we want to be there for our team, we want to create a great experience for our clients, but we get tied up in the million and one things we have to do on a day-to-day basis. 

Companies invest a heavy amount of resources in advertising and generating leads, but they miss calls or let calls go to voicemail. 

For the busy professional who is always on the go, in meetings, out on jobs or on vacation, it can be easy to miss calls.

That warrants the question: Should you be answering your own phones?

receptionist flowchart infographic (1).png

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