Text Message Mania

September 30, 2016

A virtual assistant at Abby Connect can virtually assist you with anything. Text messages have made their way into the business world. A text message is not a technology that is only useful to your teenage daughter who must tell her BFF about how much she LOL'd when she text her a pic!

Your Abby Connect virtual receptionist can be trained to send text messages directly to your phone for certain important occasions. This is a great way to prioritize. You may be expecting an important call from someone. Before you go into a meeting you may call your virtual assistant and tell her, "If Bob from the bank calls, please put him on hold, text message me, then transfer the call to my cell phone."

There are unlimited uses for text messaging. You may prefer to receive all of your messages via text message instead of having callers leave voice mail messages. Whatever your needs are, your virtual assistant at Abby Connect will work with you to establish the best business processes for you and your company.


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