Virtual Legal Assistants: Combating the major challenges facing today’s attorney

September 30, 2016

There are plenty of options for those seeking legal counsel, and the biggest complaint heard is that it’s impossible to get a hold of their attorney.  They are either with another client, on the go to a meeting or just too busy to answer the phone.  Additionally, due to the economic downturn, and a decline in bread and butter work, more and more firms have to lay off support staff, putting the burden back on the attorney.  How can you overcome these challenges?

A Legal Answering Service is a perfect way to combat this struggle.  For less than it costs to hire a part-time assistant, a Virtual Legal Assistant will effectively screen calls to meet your assessment requirements, delegate routine tasks like scheduling appointments, providing essential information about your practice and expertise, and taking any required messages.

Most attorneys leave large firms because of the endless work week.  50-80 hour work weeks are not uncommon, and it used to be opening your own practice would allow you to reduce your hours.  However, because of the current landscape the long hours are creeping back. Utilizing at Virtual Legal Assistant will decrease your work load, put you on the path to success, and allow you to be lawyers, in the best sense.

Saving valuable time, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, being more organized, increasing client conversion, creating a great first impression, and eliminating unnecessary stress are all byproducts of having an answering service for lawyers.

There is no need for sleepless nights and constant worry; it’s time to overcome today’s challenges and focus on providing the best legal advice to your clients.


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