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Where Is Your Receptionist? [Flowchart]

By Jude Cavale

It's 3pm. The office phone is ringing. Who is going to pick up. No, really, where is your receptionist?

Follow this flowchart to find out the answer to the question pressing many small businesses around the nation.

Where Is Your Receptionist flowchart.png

Regardless of the answer, a virtual receptionist service like Abby Connect may be the right answer for your small business.

Whether you are a lawyer with a small practice, a doctor whose receptionists are always too busy helping patients in the office to answer the phones (or return phone calls), a consultant weaing many hats with little time, a budding tech startup whose leads are getting lost with the lack of a human connection, an industrial company where sitting someone by the phone all day long is impractical, or any one else at all that needs their phone answered, Abby Connect can help you with all of your live answering needs.


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